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CISSP Online Pilot Exam: 20 FAQs You Must Know For Success

Jan 07, 2022 • 4 mins read
CISSP Online Pilot Exam: 20 FAQs You Must Know For Success
Amit Masih
Amit Masih

(ISC)² constantly explores new methods to make their certification exams easily accessible to the candidates in compliance with security standards and certification programs' integrity.

The first online proctored pilot test was launched in 2021. And now (ISC)² is launching a second online proctored pilot test and welcomes candidates to help them test the practicality of online proctored exams in the future.

This second online proctored pilot test will be for the CISSP certification exam. Here you will find answers to several frequently asked questions related to the online proctored exams.

Q: What does an online proctoring test by (ISC)² mean?
A: (ISC)² conducts an online proctoring pilot test to check the practicality of its online proctored certification exams. The future of certification exams being online proctored depends upon the results obtained from these pilot tests.

Q: What is the CISSP online proctoring pilot test registration date declared by (ISC)²?
A: The (ISC)² CISSP online exam registration will begin on 14 February 2022. You must select "CISSP_OP" while registering and enter the promotion code "ISC2ONLINE" to complete the registration for the CISSP exam that is part of the online proctoring pilot test. The registration process will close on 21 February 2022 and is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Q: When will (ISC)² CISSP online proctoring pilot tests be held?
A: CISSP online examinations will take place from 28 February to 7 March 2022. No other certification exam will be conducted during this online proctor pilot test period.

Q: What is the eligibility criterion to participate in this (ISC)² CISSP online proctoring pilot test?
A: It is limited to the United States (excluding territories, possessions, or government/military installations physically located outside the U.S.), the United Kingdom, and Singapore candidates. Also, you must not have been a part of any (ISC)² discipline activity in the past and meet the minimum computer system requirements. As a part of this online proctor pilot test, only 1000 examinations will be delivered.

Q: What is the cost of this online proctor certification exam?
A: The online CISSP certification exam cost during this pilot test will remain the same as in-person examination costs, i.e., U.S. $749.

Q: In how many languages this certification exam that is a part of the pilot test program be available?
A: The CISSP certification exam will only be held in English.

Q: What is the certification exam format?
A: The CISSP examination, a part of the online proctor pilot test, is available only in Computerized Adaptive Test (CAT) version. You will get 3 hours to complete the exam consisting of 100-150 multiple-choice questions.

Q: How can I reschedule my exam from in-person scheduling to online mode?
A: You need to cancel your in-person exam scheduling and do a new registration for this online proctor pilot test exam. A cancellation fee of US $100 will be waived by (ISC)² and Pearson VUE for your in-person exam while making an online exam booking. You are required to directly call the Pearson VUE customer care center to avoid incurring the fee.

Q: Can the online proctor examination be rescheduled and be taken at a later date?
A: No, once you cancel the online proctor examination, you have to schedule an in-person exam. An online proctored exam is available only from 28 February to 28 March 2022.

Q: Can I take a break during the exam that is a part of the pilot test?
A: During the online CISSP examination, breaks are not granted for security reasons. If you try to take unscheduled breaks during the exam, your online proctoring pilot test session will get terminated, and you may get penalized too.

Q: Will test results be available for pilot test certification exams?
A: Exam results will not be shared upon exam completion, and you will be notified about the results only after analysis of 8-10 weeks. Also, it will not include domain-wise performance details, and only pass or fail will be declared.

Q: Can I apply for the certification on passing the online proctored exam?
A: After completing the exam within (ISC)² online proctoring pilot test, you can apply for full certification.

Q: Are the in-person exams and online exams the same?
A: The online exams and those conducted at the test center are similar regarding the domains covered, weightage, item types, and difficulty level.

Q: What will happen if the online proctor exam faces a technical problem during delivery?
A: If due to any reason, the CISSP online proctor exam encounters a technical problem and is not delivered successfully, an in-person exam will be rescheduled at a future date at a Pearson VUE test center. Rescheduling cannot be done for the online exam, and also, there will be no exam reschedule fee.

Q: Why can I not take the online exam if I do not live in the United States, United Kingdom, and Singapore?
A: Examinations that are a part of the online pilot test are only available at select locations due to security and support reasons. You should not apply if you are not from these locations. instead you can try alternate certifications to cissp which are possible online always. If you are found violating these terms upon verification, an action might be taken against you, and you might get banned from the future (ISC)² exams. So if you have any doubts about your location, do clarify before registration.

Q: Will the online proctored pilot test exam results be subjected to statistical and psychometric analysis before the release of official results?
A: All examinations delivered during the online pilot test are subjected to statistical and psychometric analysis before the release of official results. Also, all exam deliveries adhere to the (ISC)² Examination Agreement and Candidate NDA.

Q: Will I be able to cancel my online exam and get a full refund or reschedule it for a future date? Will there be any cancellation or rescheduling fees for the online proctored pilot test exams?
A: All the exams held as a part of the online proctor pilot test follow standard (ISC)² cancellation and rescheduling policies. You must contact Pearson VUE 24 hours before the exam, and a cancellation fee of US $100 and a rescheduling fee of US $50 will be charged by Pearson VUE.

Q: When will the online exam results be made available to me?
A: An in-depth statistical and psychometric analysis of the score data is conducted to establish pass or fail scores before the official results are released. You will be notified about official results via email after approximately 8-10 weeks of the online pilot test conclusion in May 2022.

Q: If I want my CISSP exam results by a specific date, which option should I choose: schedule an in-person exam at a Pearson VUE test center or participate in an online proctored pilot program?
A: You have to wait for 8-10 weeks before getting the official result. The endorsement process following exam results can take up to 6 weeks for review. You must consider this certification timeline and plan accordingly.

Q: Are there any more security precautions for this online proctor pilot test?
A: Security precautions you need to follow:

  • Provide details of your intended country of administration during the registration process. Also, use a validated IP address at the exam from which you provided your country details. If you fail to do so, your exam appointment will be canceled, and no refund will be made. So if you cannot guarantee to mention these details, it is recommended to register for an in-person exam.
  • You are required to perform a 360-degree work area scan, and it is done in the following way:
  • You will be asked to step back and turn slowly in a circle, using a webcam to show your work area. If the proctor finds any issue, you will be asked to correct it.
  • You will be asked to hold both your wrists up to the webcam. You are not supposed to wear any other item except a medical ID bracelet. If an additional item is found, you must remove it from the testing environment.
  • You cannot use multiple monitors, and if any other monitor is detected, you have to unplug it and turn it around.
  • You need to turn off and cover your television.
  • You also need to remove prohibited items from the testing area.
  • Before the test, a visual inspection of cultural, medical, and religious apparel is done.
  • Before the test, a visual inspection of a few permitted comfort aid items will be carried out.

The Final Say

So you must follow all the prescribed protocols to avoid exam appointment cancellation or forfeiting the result. If your appointment gets forfeited, your examination fee will not be refunded.
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Amit Masih
Amit Masih
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