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Do you need an examination agency to book and help write your CISSP exams among others without stress and ease of access for you? Do you also need an agency that will walk you along the way and aisle, while helping you write your exams with brilliant and time-tested techniques?


Well, look no further, we at are here to make that very aim accomplished. We will work with you from the beginning stages to the very end by providing adequate support and simulating examination atmosphere and scenario that are poised to ensure you succeed flawlessly at the first trial. Even more, this excitable and generous offer comes at a cost-effective and comfortable price.

At, we run a clientele-centred mode of operation. Our activities, interactions and investments are geared and focused – through the synergy of our partners, allies and employees – towards bringing out the best in you, our potential and a wonderful client. We personalized ease and deliver time-tested methods of exam writing that are designed to make you pass your certification test at the first swing!


We provide proxy, flexible exams aiding for CISSP and other certifications. Even more, we believe in the PAY AFTER YOU PASS policy, which sets us apart from others and offers reassurance financially and mentally on the part of our clients.


The first thing we’ll do is to book your exam on a mutually beneficial and convenient timeframe. After this, we will test-run and interlink your system with ours 24 hours before the examination using the Pearson Dummy Test.

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All things being equal, on the examination day, we will run another test-run, this time, a remote-start exam process which is to further augment the candidate’s confidence and increase the likelihood of passing to 100%. We’ll do this by taking control after the candidate logs in and fills in the appropriate and required login details and subsequently help out with all the questions until they are all answered. After this, we’ll then drop and hand over the control the candidate to proceed and submit. Our function of approach is guaranteed and seamless so the onus lies on the clientele to take action and get the dice rolling.